The bank's assets as of January 1 , 2016 amount to 1,217 .8 billion sum, which compared to this period last year (1,009.5 billion sum) is 120.6% or increased by 208.3 billion soums

As of January 1, 2016, 77.8% or 947.7 billion the sum of the total assets is accounted for by loans. The indicator of the volume of the credit balance allocated to various sectors of the national economy increased by 246.9 billion sum (700.8 billion sum) or the growth was 135.2%.

As of January 1, 2016, the number of issued plastic cards from the bank is 258,906 pieces, compared to the same date last year (208,011), the difference is 50,895 pieces

To date, 4,936 terminals and 86 readers have been installed due to special attention to the development of the system of non-cash payments and collection of payments for electricity, natural gas, telephony services, utilities, consumer goods and services rendered. The number of terminals compared to last year (4,372 terminals and 83 readers) increased by 567 units, an increase of 113.0%.