An Aloqabank’s Microlending 

Aloqabank in partnership with Paycom and Beeline have launched online microlending for banks cardholders, who are also customers of mobile operator Beeline. This service is available on Payme or Beepul mobile applications Payme. The maximum amount of microloans can be up to 10 times the minimum wage.

Facilities of this service:

  • Microloans can be obtained remotely, without a visit to the bank;
  • To obtain a microloan no documents are required;
  • The decision to issue a microloan is granted in a matter of minutes (1-2 minutes);
  • It is possible to get a microloan for the first time on working days from 9:00 to 17:00, and this will take 18-25 minutes;
  • In the future for 1 year, a microloan can be obtained in 5 minutes;
  • Cash is provided on a plastic card with no purpose;
  • To obtain a microloan, no collateral is required;
  • Microloan users - holders of plastic cards of JSC Aloqabank, who are also subscribers of the mobile operator Beeline;
  • The minimum amount of microloans is 50 000 soums;
  • The maximum amount is 10 times the minimum wage;
  • Interest on microloan - 1.5% per day;
  • The term of a microloan is 1 month;

Services to get a microloan - Payme, Beepul.