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Loan repayment in two clicks, shopping information, payment schedule and much more!

Мобильное приложение Zoomrad

About the app

Customers of otherbanks can save up for a trip, never miss a payment, increase their capital, get cashback even for transfers to a card and much more using the Zoomrad application.

Registration in Zoomrad is very simple — you need to enter a mobile phone number, as well as add a bank card. In order not to avoid enterring the card number and other data manually, there is a convenient scanner function.

Users who do not have a card yet, They can order it easily. In addition to Uzcard and HUMO, cards of international payment systems are also available — UnionPay, MIR and Visa. The employees of the bank will deliver it as soon as possible.

о приложении Zoomrad

Payment for services

In Zoomrad, you can pay for mobile communication, the Internet, utilities and public services up to kindergartens, purchases in online stores, replenish electronic wallets and much more. Frequent payments can be bookmarked so that they are always at hand.

The "Auto-pay" function will not allow the user to stay out of touch and will eliminate the need to spend time making regular payments every month. The service can be configured to pay for any services.

Account balances and possible arrears for utilities, Internet, mobile communication can be tracked in the dashboard. To do this, select the services and enter the registration data (login, personal account number and others)

Оплата услуг в Zoomrad


Zoomrad has one of the lowest fees for transfers between cards — 0.5%, and between Aloqabank cards - 0%. You can transfer money to the card of any bank in the country. You can also use the scanner function to avoid entering data manually.

For transfers from card to card, Zoomred returns cashback in the amount of 1 point (1 SUM) for every 2000 soums. The same amount of cashback is received for repayment of the loan. From payments, the user is refunded 5 points for 1000 soums, with the exception of utility bills.

International money transfers using the "Zolotaya korona" system are also available in the application. To log in to your personal account, you need to enter the code sent to the mobile phone number of the user. After filling in the required fields, the recipient credits the amount to the card.

Переводы в Zoomrad

Deposits and loans

There are two types of sum deposits with favorable, flexible conditions. You can make a deposit in a few clicks. For those who urgently needed money, a microloan is available in the amount of up to 2 million 450 thousand soums at 2.24% per month.

Вклады и кредиты в Zoomrad

Currency exchange

In Zoomrad, you can exchange dollars for soums and vice versa and use cards of any banks in Uzbekistan. The conversion takes place in one touch — just enter the amount to be exchanged and click "Continue". The money will be instantly credited to the selected card. The commission is 0%.

Money box

Zoomrad will help the user to save money for a large purchase, travel, education, or set aside funds just in case. You just need to select a goal and specify when and how to replenish the money box.

Копилка в Zoomrad

Other functions of Zoomrad

Payment by QR code is available in the application. There are several options for contacting the bank. You can call the contact center — you do not need to memorize and dial the number, just click on the "Call the bank" button and the application will automatically start the call.

You can also contact the technical support department of the bank via Telegram-bot. Or find the nearest branch on the map. Having determined the location of the customer, Zoomrad will show the nearest customer service centers, branches, ATMs and exchange offices on the map. By selecting the necessary one, you can find out its operating mode, address, phone number and even get a route to it.

Zoomrad has a nice and intuitive interface. The developers have worked to make it as convenient as possible for users — everything they need is at hand and at the same time the application is not loaded with unnecessary icons and functions.

The application can be downloaded from the link here.