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Deposit operations

OJSC "Alokabank" offers the legal entities deposition of monetary assets of the enterprise at interest as a possible instrument of temporary free money management helping to optimize their most efficient disposal. We guarantee safety and profitability of your deposited money. Interest incomes directly depend both on the deposited amount and term of the deposit.

Opportunities for depositors:

Terms of depost:

Certificates of Deposit

OJSC "Alokabank" also offers you to place the funds in certificates of deposit. The Certificate of deposit ascertains the deposit amount placed with the Bank and the rights of the depositor (holder of the Certificate) to receiving the deposit amount and the interest preconditioned on the Certificate to be paid on the expiry of the established period. The difference between the deposit consists in the fact that a certificate of deposit is a security and, accordingly, in case of need you can lay them, resell or repurchase, make a deal without losing their interest.

Advantages of the Certificates of Deposit:
Bank offers certificates of deposit with the following conditions: