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At "Aloqabank" offers its customers a type of loan - Financial Leasing - to pay back the amount of the purchase property after the third party (seller). Leasing is a convenient form of investing in a business. Using a path from the object purchased to the leasing evasion, it is possible to purchase the equipment, equipment or auto-financing necessary to expand, modernize the existing business or open a new direction of activity, provided that the object is returned within a certain period of time.

Leasing operations

For manufacturing and service companies:

the amount of leasing - up to 70% of the cost of the leased object

The leasing maturity - up to 3 years (the grace period for the main debt is 6 months)

Interest rate - base rate + 4%

Documents to be submitted:


The purpose of leasing:

Delivery documentation:

If mortgage is available:

If a third party acts as a guarantor:

Balance sheet of the guarantor company and its Applications

For insurance: