Xorezm branch

Khorezm branch

Phone: +998 62 228-82-01

Address: 220100, Khorezm region, Urgench city, Al-Khorazmiy street, 106

Head of branch: Kurbonov Odilbek Ruzmatovich

Filial code: 00861


Working time:

from 9:00 to 18:00
dinner: 1:00 – 2:00 p. m.
Every day without weekend


Main indicators (2020.01.31)

Clients 31 855
Assets (bln. UZS, not consolidated) 212.9
The loan portfolio (bln. UZS) 184.7


Schedule of reception of legal entities and individuals


Full name


Reception schedule

E-mail address

Days of the week


Kurbonov Odilbek Ruzmatovich

Head of branch


08.00 – 11.00


Jumaniyozov Furkat KHamraevich

Head of Credit Department – Deputy Head of branch


08.00 – 18.00




Minibank Shahar

Phone: 0 (362) 228-44-19

Adress: Urgench city, Pakhlavon Makhmud st, 23

Reference point:: central market


Xiva Shahar

Phone: 0 (362) 375-46-46

Adress: Xorazm viloyati, Xiva shahri, Feruz ko’chasi, 10-uy

Reference point:

When using the site materials reference to the site is required www.aloqabank.uz