General meeting of shareholders for 2012

On 25 May of 2013 a general shareholders' meeting of OJSC "Aloqabank" was held by the results of 2012 .
At the shareholders' meeting were presented and approved the reports of the financial activity in 2012 . It should be noted that the OJSC "Aloqabank" is one of the most stable financial institutions of the country , evidence of this is the grade given to it by the international rating agency "Moody 's» - E + / V1/V2/NotPrime , "Stable" and national rating company "Ahbor rating " - «UzA +», « High » .
The bank's assets , compared with 2011 increased by 28.9% and amounted to more than 629.0 billion soums. Positive changes are taking place in the credit and investment bank. In 2012 the total volume of credits allocated to individuals and legal entities , amounted to 358.2 billion soums.
During the past year the bank's equity grew by 32.1% compared with 2011, and January 1, 2013 reached 105.3 billion soums. Approved authorized capital in the amount of generated 80.0 billion soums.
The volume of deposits compared to the year 2011 increased by 31.0% . As a result, the amount of savings reached 95.4 billion soums. During 2012 the amount of loans issued to small business and entrepreneurship , was 277.9 billion soums , including micro-credit were issued in the amount of 31.6 billion soums.
To conduct an external audit on the performance of the bank in 2013 approved auditing firm «PricewaterhouseCoopers».
Also at the meeting were elected new members of the Board of OJSC "Aloqabank" . Relevant decisions on all matters put up for a vote.


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