Beautify is an online platform that unites all participants in the beauty industry. On this platform, beauty specialists find new clients, study, sell their services, and buy consumables at wholesale prices. At the same time, users of the platform can find the right masters on Beautify and compare works and prices of services.

The goal of the project is to create a marketing platform to promote the services of beauty specialists, optimize work processes, and increase the profit of masters by attracting new customers. For the consumer, we aim to create an accessible catalog of beauty services online, which will help customers save time and money.

In order for clients to be able to see the master's work and make an appointment, the master only needs to register on the Beautify site, set up a work schedule, and publish photos of his works. Clients themselves will find a beauty master through a convenient search and make an appointment. Thousands of beauty masters from all over Uzbekistan have already been registered on the platform.

The company's mission is to create an ecosystem for the progressive development of services in the field of beauty and health.