Jett investment service is the first startup in Uzbekistan on the stock market, providing an opportunity for clients to invest in stocks and bonds of local companies. The project has a unique technological solution for integration with the platform of the Republican Stock Exchange "Toshkent".

The service was launched in July 2022, to date, more than 5,000 users have opened brokerage accounts and invested more than 1.2 billion sum to the country's economy. The service is operated by about 10 large brokerage houses, providing their clients with the opportunity to trade through various mobile applications.

The service has introduced the capabilities of fundamental analysis based on the company's financial indicators and technical analysis through the introduction of TradingView chart technology, customers can actively analyze the market and send orders to buy or sell securities 24/7, regardless of the working hours of the stock exchange. Due to the convenience of the user interface and the presented analytical capabilities, at the moment more than 70% of exchange transactions on the stock market of Uzbekistan are carried out through the Jett service.