BILGI is a marketplace that presents educational courses in areas in the field of information technology. The project aims to combine all training courses on an information platform, where, according to the principle of one window, you can get up-to-date information about available training courses in the context of areas of study, regions, age, available skills, as well as arrange installments for online training online without leaving home.

On the online platform, users can find educational institutions not only in the city of Tashkent, but also throughout the country, as well as get detailed information about courses, their programs, and the format of training.

The work of the installment plan is based on the principle – "study now, pay later", which allows you to choose a tariff based on the current and future financial capabilities of the student. The advantage of the installment plan is the provision of a grace period for the repayment of installments, that is, the student begins to pay for the installment plan not during the training process, but after its completion, which makes it possible for the student to master the specialty, find a job and repay the installment plan in the course of work.

One of the priority directions of society's development is education. The mission of the project is to provide new opportunities for the development of this area and the acquisition of new skills by young people.