Profit growth, time-saving, routine automation

Monetary is a cloud-based solution for managing finances and operational tasks in enterprises, which allows you to combine all current accounts from different banks into one portal for reporting and servicing; create a single electronic wallet for business; run a corporate treasury.

Our clients: AKFA GROUP, UZOMAN, Compass shopping center, SAMARQAND DARVOZA shopping center

The advantages of using MONETARY are monitoring of financial turnover in real time; optimization of the work of employees by getting rid of unnecessary tasks; prompt decision-making through the use of up-to-date information; analysis of the data obtained by specified criteria; as well as summary of debtors and creditors by synchronizing with BDM ( ).

BDM ( ) provides the following features: creating and sending documents using EDS; storing documents in multiple copies on different servers; submitting documents to regulatory authorities; creating a hierarchical structure of departments; as well as integration with accounting systems like SAP, 1C, 1UZ, etc.