Mission: To make vision more informative and decisive

Cradle Vision Tech is a company, which work on the direction of Computer Vision.

Company provide at the first stage software solutions for business to obtain HR and Visitors stats which give chance to them to analyze staffs attendance, working hours and to be able to know about number of visitors, their age and gender classifications, repeated visit stats.

What is difference Cradle HR solution between existing HR solutions? :
  1. To implement Cradle solution there is no need to buy extra expensive hardware like turnstile and ID cards we just use existing IP cameras located in entrance and exit of buildings.
  2. We have 2 options for data and platform store we can provide cloud based or local server based( second solution is very important for Government Organization to keep secure their data which are tending to be most important resource nowadays)
What is difference between Cradle Visitor module and existing solutions in the market? :
  1. We can implement solutions inside existing IP cameras there is no need to buy new Cameras

If there isn`t IP cameras we provide all hardware (free) and software solution in complete.

  1. We don`t provide just number about visits, gender, age, visiting time, repeated visit and also we analyze segment according to age and gender of clients flow and give advices companies for what segment they should pay attention.

Nowadays AI solutions getting more and more popular and at the same time implementation of software solutions requires Hardware solutions and hardware solutions should be cost effective low energy consuming and at the same time fast. Because of this next business tendency will be AIOT devices meaning Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things. This means inside IOT devisees should be run AI modules and in the next stage, we are planning manufacture AIOT devices, which gives us ability to be main game changer in the Computer Vision Market.