Loan products

Information on loans provided through the credit line of the International Development Association


Purpose of using a credit line

Loans for livestock sector development projects:

 - Development of large and small cattle, horse breeding, camel breeding, goat breeding, pig breeding and rabbit breeding;

 - Poultry farming (eggs and broilers), fish farming, beekeeping, silkworm breeding;

 - Processing, packaging, cooling and storage of livestock products;

 - Feed production (by processing
agricultural products), as well as the purchase of ready-made feeds;

 - Veterinary and other services, including artificial insemination, specialized equipment for animal breeding, vaccination, animal identification;

 - Investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency related to the livestock sector;

 - Other activities related to the development of the value chain in the livestock sector.

The maximum amount for each financed loan

On investment capital - 2 million US dollars

For working capital - 150 thousand US dollars

The maximum period (grace period) of repayment for each financed loan

On investment capital - 120 months 36 (months)

Working capital - 18 months (9 months)

Shareholder's contribution to project financing

at least 20% of the total value of the project

Annual interest rate paid by the client to the bank for the allocated loan

7-8% yearly (payments in the national currency)

Commission of the bank for issuing a loan

Not charged

Country of equipment manufacturer financed by credit line

unlimited (except restrictions established by the legislation)


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