Plastic cards

Plastic cards are modern and convenient means of clearing settlements. By means of a card its owner can operate the money resources, pay in the non-cash form for the goods and services, to receive cashes in branches of bank and through cash dispenses.

«Aloqabank» offers the client soum cards safety differing by a high degree and reliability on the basis of microprocessor technology.

It is possible to make payments for the goods and services in supermarkets, shops, and enterprises of sphere of services, companies of cellular communication, avia and railway cash departments, gasoline stations to pay a user's payment for phone, long-distance and international phone calls and to make calculations for municipal services by plastic cards. It is possible to pay off in any shop equipped by the electronic terminal on reception of payments on plastic cards.

For service of plastic cards terminals which are placed in trade-service enterprises, branches of a mail service, gas station, branches, mini-banks and savings banks of bank, and also, in points of reception of payments for communication services, including cellular are installed by bank all over the republic.

At payment for the goods and services in trade-service enterprises, commission is not charged from owners of plastic cards of the physical person.

Soum cards are not only the tool for clearing settlements, but also means of savings.

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