International VISA Classic

VISA CLASSIC card is a universal payment tool which is accepted all over the world in any points designated by VISA trade mark, including cash dispenses, real and virtual shops, and also the shops offering the goods and services by mail and phone.
VISA CLASSIC card is the universal payment tool, guarantees convenience in use and financial flexibility.

The card is one of the most convenient and accessible card products in the world, with an opportunity of use of all advantages of VISA. VISA Classic cards are accepted as means of payment in trade-service enterprises where electronic terminals or imprinters are installed. It is possible to carry out calculations through the Internet by means of a card.

What is the insurance deposit and how it is used by bank?

The insurance deposit is considered by bank on the personal account of a card holder. The insurance deposit is used by bank in case of the over-expenditure of means from the card account. The over-expenditure of means can arise, for example, as a result of change of exchange rate, or application of the commission of bank for operation fulfillment on a card. With the requirement of the client the bank gives out him a detailed extract about all payments which were made through a card, and it would be possible to see what sum is written off from the card account, what - from the insurance deposit. The insurance deposit comes back to the client after carrying out of all payments under the card account.

What safety measures should be applied at use of a card?

Card Visa is a tool of access to your account where you have your money. Therefore it is necessary to adhere to following basic safety measures at its use:

  • Do not give your card and do not tell a Pin-code, try to keep in a secret from the third parties yours Pin-code and serial number of a card. We recommend to keep a Pin-code separately from a card, and not to write down it on a card. In case of loss or theft of a card the swindler will have an information to take advantage of your card;
  • Check extracts under the card account from bank monthly. You can receive them in bank at each visit. In case of detection of suspicious or unknown transactions immediately inform bank about it to initiate investigation;
  • In case of cards theft or loss immediately inform bank about happened so that bank can block your card;
  • Do not lose a card from a sight at payment by means of a card. After carrying out of payment make sure, that you have your card back.
  • At reception of cash in cash dispense make sure, that nobody observes you and there is no one behind you.
Observe these safety measures and you can make sure that your means are in safety.
How to use a card in the Internet?

First of all, you should make sure of respectableness of the Internet site owner, having learned the information on it in bank, or at people who probably earlier used their services. After definition of the inventory which you would like to get, choose Visa Card as a method of payment. For realization of payment it is necessary to specify number of a card (16 figures), term of its validity, your name as it is specified on the card, and also CVV2 (3 figures) code. You can see this code on the back of the card or specify in «Aloqabank». Having checked up correctness of the entered data, confirm them by pressing the corresponding button. The Internet site will generate inquiry about confirmation of payment and in case you have specified all true data on a site you will see the corresponding notice.

The world largest network of services of VISA card owners includes more than 18 million trade-service enterprises of the most different structure, such as shops, restaurants, hotels, airlines, 21000 banks and more than 1 million cash dispenses worldwide.

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