Loan of overdraft

Overdraft is a form of short-term crediting of holders of plastic cards of the bank, which gives the right to use more than residual funds on the current account of a plastic card, in order to pay for goods (works, services).

This service is provided in the national currency in amount of three average monthly salary, but not more than 100 minimum wage for 12 months, through the plastic cards of JSC Aloqabank, opened as part of the salary project.

To obtain the service, must be provided the following documents

- Application for overdraft;

- Copy of the passport;

- Reference from the place of work for the last 12 months;

- documents on collateral;

Overdraft is provided on the basis of the following types of collateral

  • For employees of corporate clients of the bank - the guarantee of the employer under the General Agreement signed between the bank and the corporate client, or another employee of this organization
  • For employees of other clients of the bank - a pledge in the form of liquid assets or deposits.

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