UnionPay-Uzcard Cobading Cards

Cobading card is a joint card of two UzCard and UnionPay payment systems, intended for use in the infrastructures of both payment systems. That is, in Uzbekistan, cobading cards are accepted for payment as a regular soum card, and abroad as a currency card. When you pay with a cobaging card abroad, the soum is instantly converted into the currency of the country where the purchase is made using the cross-selling rate of US dollars at the Aloqabank exchange office.

 In this case, you do not need to buy foreign currency in advance when going abroad and open another conversion card, it is enough to take your soum salary card with you. This is convenient if you do not know the exact amount of the forthcoming expenses abroad.

 Alokabank's cobaging card is accepted for payment both in Uzbekistan and in 170 countries and regions in the UnionPay infrastructure. There are over 10 million trade and service enterprises in the world that accept UnionPay cards and, accordingly, coke-gazing cards of Aloqabank for payment!

Advantages of a cobaging card:

  • one universal card replaces two cards - the sum card and the conversion one;
  • instant conversion of soum funds when paying in foreign currency;
  • modern technologies (contactless payment method NFC, multi-level protection system, etc.).

The card with contactless payment technology (NFC) is equipped with a built-in chip and antenna, which transmit information on the radio to the contactless terminal.

 How to use contactless cards?

 You can make a contactless payment only in those places where the NFC logo is present

 The buying process itself looks like this:

  • you check the amount of payment entered by the cashier;
  • momentarily bring the contactless card to the reader;
  • a beep sounds and an inscription appears on the display confirming the fact of payment;
  • the terminal is turned off (this eliminates the double amount debit).

Payment by a cobaging card outside the Republic of Uzbekistan is made by debiting funds from a card account in soums at the rate of sale of US dollars to individuals, established in the exchange offices of the Bank.

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