Consumer credit

«Aloqabank» offers consumer credits for individuals on the following purposes:

  • purchase of various home appliances, office equipment, furniture, subjects of an interior, etc.;
  • purchase of computer techniques and cellular telephones;
  • payment for education in higher educational institutions;
  • payment for services of medical and health-improving establishments;
  • purchase of building materials for repair of apartments;
  • carrying out of wedding celebrations and ritual actions;
  • purchase of air tickets;
  • purchase of cars.

Consumer credit is a credit given to the physical person for purchase of the goods and services with a view of satisfaction of his consumer needs.

  • Initial payment (the deposit of maintenance) cash money resources of 25% from the sum of the credit;
  • On an initial payment the contribution opens, and interests go on repayments of the credit;
  • Sum of the credit - 100 % from cost of the goods or services;
  • Term of the credit – up to 3 years;
  • Repayments of the credit and interests - monthly.

In the end of term of crediting the deposit of maintenance goes on repayments of the credit.

Necessary documents:

  • Copy of the passport
  • Inquiry from a residence
  • Inquiry (from a place of work about positive financial results for last period)
  • Contract of the goods or service


Educational credit

Educational credit is given for students - the citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan accepted on internal branches of the higher educational establishments on a contract basis, to students, their parents or trustees.

Terms of crediting

  • for the term of till 10 years - to the persons accepted on education to bachelor, including in these terms the period of education.
  • for the term of till 5 years - to the persons accepted on training in a magistracy, including in these terms the period of education.

Security for credit

  • guarantee of the legal or juridical person;
  • as a guarantee the property is accepted.

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